C.W. Potzz

C.W. Potzz, christened Charmaine Willie Potzz, always greets her following of fans with a charming smile and good humor that makes their day a little brighter. To view her work is to be drawn into her exciting and imaginative world that is reflected in her many wild, bright and flamboyant paintings.

Born on two days before the 4th of July in Bozeman, Montana to a Norwegian Mother and a Native American Indian Father, Potzz has made her way around the world living in Guam, S.E. Asia, Cambodia, Vietnam, New Zealand, India, Mexico, South America, Australia, and Europe. Thriving on and asorbing the fragrance and the influence of all these exotic lands and their tropical, colorful people has added life and inspiration to her high energy paintings.

Potzz obtained a BA in nursing from the University of Guam and has practiced Public Health and Emergency Nursing. She also received her BA in Art with Honors from Marylhurst College, Portland, Oregon.

Potzz describes her work as Expressionistic, bold, bright and spontaneous. She is happiest when painting and considers it an honor and a privilege to have this gift and talent. “I love color, I love paint, I love the physical activity of painting, the thought process involved, and mostly, I love the experience of looking at a painting completed long ago and seeing for the first time a part of myself, which until that experience remained hidden even to me, or more rightly, I should say, especially to me. I celebrate my passion and love for this task, called painting, with an enormous pallet of different kinds of paints and materials and a wide variety of subject matter ranging from figurative and abstract to narrative fantasy.”

With yearly gallery exhibits since 1982, Potzz has shown her work in many Northwest states and has had it purchased by many collectors both private and corporate.

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