Orange Spotted Pink Cat (sold)
By Lilli Faville

The Art

The Art : Serigraphs (hand editioned silkscreens) : (Page 1 of 5)

Each hand editioned serigraph print is a translation from an original work of art by an artist represented by the Attic Gallery. Each print is part of a limited edition ranging from 250 to 350, printed on Rives Arches l00% rag paper made in France. The edition is numbered and signed by the artist. Great care was taken to ensure that each color and its stencil accurately followed the artist's work. To achieve this, each stencil was carefully designed, drawn, and painted directly on the screen by hand. When each color and its stencil had been proofed and matched, the whole edition was then printed by hand. The process was then repeated for each color. The prints average 60 colors per image.

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Norwegian Moon
Price: $ 375.00 / ea

Price: $ 350.00 / ea

Red Gate
Price: $ 400.00 / ea

Price: $ 225.00 / ea

Garden Tree
Price: $ 400.00 / ea

Price: $ 750.00 / Unique

Price: $ 750.00 / Unique

Water Turns
Price: $ 750.00 / Unique

Price: $ 750.00 / Unique

Price: $ 300.00 / Each

Morning Bouquet
Price: $ 450.00 / Unique

Life Shell Game (sold)
Price: $ 1500.00 / Unique

Price: $ 375.00 / ea

Price: $ 375.00 / ea

Tim and Bees
Price: $ 375.00 / ea

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