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Julia, born in Los Angeles, graduated with a major in social ecology, criminal theory and sociology from UC Irvine where she won the University's top art prize two years in a row. Admiration for her father, a criminal defense attorney, led Julia to Lewis and Clark College Northwestern School of Law where she graduated and has practiced law as a bankruptcy and debtor/creditor rights lawyer and now as a criminal defense attorney. Although she knew that she wanted to be a lawyer since she was nine years old, she has also been an art student since she was thirteen years old.

A keen observer and supporter of people from all walks of life, Julia is seriously involved in solving people's problems working as a lawyer. She structures her painting exhibits to follow a particular theme concerned with mythical people of her own creation in social situations. There was the "Bob Loves Dorise" series of paintings concerned with a boy falling in love with a girl living in Israel and passing through many trials to prove he was good enough for her hand. Even after their courtship blossomed into love, Bob had to face a panel of elders from her Jewish community who interviewed him and decided that he was a suitable husband for Dorise and only then could they marry. Julia's next series was "Rodolfo's Three Divas". Rodolfo, in love with three women has difficulty choosing among them. Next came "Kisses For Carlos" a series of paintings of gay men in love that was inspired by a close gay friend. "Lola Sweetlips: Womens' Love stories" was requested by female viewers and concieved after many interviews with lesbian women. "The Mediterranean Holiday Collection" is a series of simple colorful paintings of little buildings and beach scenes inspired by the Greek Cyclades Islands in the Aegean Sea.

Julia's series called "Burning Gardens" was inspired by those delicate weedy flowers we see spring up by roadsides or squeezing out of cracks in the sidewalk. These plants seize their opportunities to grow where they can, and in painting them, Julia sees these quirky flowers as a visual encouragement for people to seize opportunity and pursue their goals. The little birds and creatures that sometimes live in these landscapes remind us that personal journeys are easier when we bring our sense of humor along for the ride.

Julia's whimsical (she calls them "representational whimsy") acrylic paintings on canvas are executed in brightly colored jewel tones and many times are reminiscent of works by Marc Chagall, her favorite painter. She is also influenced by Alexander Calder and his flat colorful balanced shapes. Bruno the black and white cat appears in her paintings from time to time. He is a mythical cat acting as a catalyst sometimes bringing people together or helping them separate. He can be a catalyst of self discovery or a little messenger of the heart. Julia, being allergic to cats, had to invent one of her very own and thus Bruno came into being.

Julia's new series is called "Wine and Lollipop Petals", depicting elongated wine bottles accompainied by tall flowers that dance like candy balloons. Julia has entered the world of wine tasting and wine collecting, becoming enchanted by the mysterious brooding or lovely tastes within the bottles and the new friends made over a glass and a story. During a recent trip to Italy, she discovered new glazing and carving techniques with paint, along with giving organic and fluid shapes to ordinary objects. She applied this inspiration to her new series, stretching out the bottles, glasses and flower forms, yielding simple elegant designs that are rich in texture and executed in brightly colored jeweled tones.

Caring for people from all persuasions of life, Julia strives to help people and make a difference in their lives through her law practice and her art.

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