The Horse Whose Name is Can See Through Stars (sold)
By Mike Smith

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Tommer Gonser's oil paintings on canvas with their bold palettes and dynamic patterns are reminiscent of the early modernist abstractionists. The uniqueness and mystery of his art is in large part the essence of his abstractions. He is influenced by his daily life and carries over on to the canvas his recent or more distant past. "Today I am painting yesterday. Tomorrow I will be painting today." Experiences such as a childhood spent surrounded by the beauty of Colorado and later years spent in the outdoors of Alaska rock climbing, fishing, kayaking, bike riding, hiking, and camping are among his influences. An inspired song writer and musician, Tommer plays the guitar, sings and writes music in a style that is as unique as his paintings.

There is a subtle strength in Tommer's work whether it be an abstract, figurative, landscape or still life that has remained consistent over the eleven years that he has been represented by the Attic Galley. His work is collected locally, nationally and internationally; his exhibits are always well received. Many charities have acquired Tommer's paintings. In December of 2008, he was included in Warren Haynes' 20th Annual Christmas Jam Art Show at the Satellite Gallery in Asheville, North Carolina. In Tommer's words: "The whole process of painting is what inspires me, not what I will be painting, but the act of painting itself.  
  Two of Tommer's large magnificent  acrylic paintings on canvas: "Ethel  I" and "Ethel II" both 48" x72"  were recently purchased by the Multnomah Athletic Club and are hanging in their newly decorated dining room that is adjacent to the Men's Bar.

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