Myrna, Diane and I forgot her name from the Junior League (sold)
By Sandra Jones Campbell

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Carl Rowe paints oils on canvas that are almost sensual and very moving. To his oil paints he adds alkyd, which is a substance that makes the oil dry more quickly and keep the oil paint from cracking over the years. His artist statement explains his career change from dance to art.

"Until I learned to paint, I had no way to express all the emotions and impressions that continually enthrall me here in the West. All around me is beauty. Form, color, line, and texture combine to evoke some sort of visceral response from me. Painting is how I interact with my environment. It is personal and deep and essential. As a transplanted Midwesterner, perhaps I see this land with greater intensity. It is not where I was raised, it is not my birthplace. But it is my home now, since 1973, always somewhere in the West. I am at home here. It continually inspires and amazes me. And with paint, I can have a dialogue with it. I can interact with it. Through painting I can say something about myself as well as something about the land. Before painting I had a long history with the theater, in dance, and perhaps I see the landscape in a theatrical way: strong light; usually from the side, emotionally colored, suggesting the human figure. My paintings are for people who love form and substance and color and a strong statement"

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