Cosmos (sold)
By Mike Smith

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Born in Salem, Oregon , artist, Brian Miller lived and worked in Portland, Oregon for twenty five years before moving to Sarasota, Florida in l998. An award winning graphic designer, Brian attended Mt. Hood College and the Oregon Art Institute majoring in applied arts, graphic design and graphic technology, ceramics, sculpture, painting, print making, and jewelry. Brian developed his own unique art form which continues to evolve. His first works were handcast paintings made from hand made cotton paper (by Brian). A multistage process, he began with a sketch from which he sculpted a clay relief and then made the plaster mold. When the mold was dry, he cast it with acid free hand made cotton rag paper pulp. Then he removed the dried paper, sealed it and embelished it with acrylics, iridescent inks, and gold and copper leaf. Expanding his artistic expression, Brian is now creating canvases using his hand made paper techniques along with glass beads and embossed paper. These new canvases reflect Brian Miller's great designs, incorporating his concern for form and color in his strong , beautifully executed one of a kind images.

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