Maddie By The Hydrangeas (sold)
By Mike Smith

Gallery Artists

The Gallery Artists pages contain a biography of each artist and thumbnails of their works. Please click on the thumbnail to see a larger image, the medium, size and price.

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Alfred Currier | Fine Artist | Anacortes, WA

Impasto oil paintings and plein air oil landscapes

Amanda Houston

Paints Oil and Pastel Paintings

Anne Schreivogl
Joyful whimsical acrylic paintings and plein air oil landscapes
Antonia Welsh Jenkins
Hand-built whimsical ceramic sculptures
Arne Westerman
Richly colored watercolor, oil and acrylic paintings of people from all walks of life
Art Works From Estate And Private Collections

Art works offered for sale from estate and private collections

Barbara Bassett

Realistic Oil Paintings

Barbara Benedetti Newton

From fashion illustrator to creating fine art, this colored pencil and soft pastel artist focuses on still life compositions and landscapes.

Bill Baily
Watercolor still life paintings of fruit and vegetables
Brenda Boylan

Pastel and Plein Air Artist

Brian Arthur Miller
Acrylic, mixed media and fresco works with three applications of resin on board
Brianna Gonser
Emerging Artist: watercolor, acrylic & oil paintings
Bryn Howell
Northwest Nature Oil Landscapes
C.W. Potzz
Acrylic still life and figurative paintings on paper
Carl Rowe
Landscapes of Idaho painted with oil and alkyd
Carol Grigg

Watercolor and mixed media animal paintings with a speacial interest for American Indian paintings

Cedar Lee

Oil paintings of the Sequoia Forests on wood and canvas.

Christy Runyan
"Garden Fairies": hand built and fired ceramic whimsical sculptures for the garden
Cindy De Cecco
Figurative sculptures in all mediums
Dave Faville

Dave Faville, born July l6, l965 in Portland, Oregon, grew up with an art gallery in the attic of.. more

David Allen Dunlop
David Allen Dunlop won the 2009 national daytime Emmy for "Outstanding Special Class Writing" for th.. more
David Carmack Lewis

David Carmack Lewis has lived and painted in Portland, Oregon since 2001. Originally from Virgin.. more

Dennis Potter
Originally from Indiana, Dennis has lived in the Northwest all his adult life. He graduated from Po.. more
Diane Ahrendt
Although Diane Ahrendt was born October 11, 1957 in Corvallis, Oregon she was raised in The Dalles, .. more
Diane Lewis
Although Diane lives in Eugene, Oregon now with her husband and daughter, she grew up in California... more
Earl Hamilton
Earl Hamilton, now in his forties, spent most of his childhood living in a small cabin in the Rodger.. more
Ellen Dittebrandt

In Ellen's words: Ellen takes you with her when she paints. Take one picture. It feels like y.. more

Gage Mace
Gage Mace is an accomplished oil painter of many subjects. He paints figures, portraits, foreign sc.. more
Gail Larsen Joseph

Gail Larsen Joseph paints still life oil paintings.

Gary Buhler
Watercolor landscape paintings

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